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Useful Weeds has a few accessories and other products to help with the preparation of your teas, homemade products, as well as some items for your four legged friends!



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Busy as A Bee - Make your Own

Accessories and Other Products

Description Price
Make Your Own!    
Beeswax Pure, locally sourced yellow beeswax, unrefined and unbleached.  Perfect for use salves, cosmetics, and candles. Cleaned and filtered.  Sold by the ounce.   $0.95
Capsules "00" size empty Gel Caps made in the United States. 
No bisulfites or ethylene oxide.  500 caps per bag.  
Carnauba Wax For the vegans who do not wish to use beeswax.
Sold by the ounce.  
Muslin bags A 3.25"W x 5"L with a drawstring.  A great culinary, tea, sachet, or catnip bag.     $0.50
Tea Toys    
Tea Ball A 2" stainless steel mesh tea ball. $2.75
Tea Strainer (large) 4" stainless steel mesh tea strainer with handle (fine mesh). $5.50
Press & Brew Tea Bags Fill your own tea bags with fusible paper tea bags.  Each bag is 2.25"W x 2.25"H.  Sold in packages of 50 each. $4.35
Pet Care    
Animal Greens Powder A balanced array of supportive food herbs to be added to their food each day. No yeast, artificial colors or flavors.  Certified Organic Dandelion leaf, Nettles, Spirulina, Oatstraw, Marshmallow root, Kelp, Rosehips, Flax seed, Milk Thistle seed, Burdock root, Slippery Elm bark, Alfalfa, Dandelion root, Hawthorn Berry, Thyme, & Garlic. 
Sold by the100 gram jar.
Moving Free for Dogs A combination of certified organically grown and wild harvested nutritional herbs specially blended for enhancing freedom of movement when age and arthritic conditions are contributing factors.  Contains:  Dandelion, Burdock, Nettles, Devils Claw, Meadowsweet, Parsley, Sea Vegetables, Celery, Goldenrod, Marshmallow, Ginger, Slippery Elm, & Rosehips.  Not For Cats! 
Sold by the ounce.
Ledum A homeopathic remedy used in the prevention and treatment of Lyme as noted by DVM Steve Tobin.
One 0.5 ounce tube of pellets.
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