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Research has confirmed that there are many health benefits associated with the drinking of Green teas, as well as numerous advantages found in White and African Red teas.

We here at UsefulWeeds are proud to offer you the these flavorful, high quality teas.

Our teas are sold by the ounce.

An ounce of tea will yield approximately 15-20 cups delightful tea. All teas come with individual brewing instructions.

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Red, White, Green, and Special teas at Useful Weeds ~ A Celebration of Purposeful Plants!

Red, White, & Green Teas


Description Price
~ Special Teas ~
Blood Orange Fruit Tea

Featuring refreshingly balanced flavors of citrus, an enchanting aroma, and a beautiful color, this blood orange tea is the perfect combination of citrus and tartness. You will LOVE this tea iced!

Kukicha Twig Tea A popular Japanese twig tea with a mild nutty-woody aroma. Very low in caffeine, this tea is reputed to have relaxing qualities. $3.76
Mango Fruit Tea Wild Harvested 100%. The bold tropical flavor of bits of dried mangos make for an enchanting afternoon treat. Our customers mix this mango blend with rooibos or black teas for a special treat. $2.16
Oolong Formosa Tea A semi-oxidized Oolong tea, also known as Brown tea. The process to yield Oolong is the most complicated, with repeated wilting and shaking in bamboo baskets, to capture the fragrant essence of the leaf. This tea is the most oxidized available. $2.34
Pomegranate Oolong Tea

NEW! Leaves of Oolong tea are suffused with tangy pomegranate flavors in this full-bodied blend that brews into a sweet, fragrant, smooth textured cup of tea.

~ Red Teas ~
Honeybush From the Cape of Good Hope comes this fermented tea with a smooth, sweet taste that contains no tannins. High in anti-oxidants, and trace minerals. Caffeine Free. Certified Organic. $1.52
Rooibos Chai A decaffeinated version of the popular Indian tea with rich tastes of sweet Indian spices like clove, cardamom, and cinnamon, among others. As spicy and bold as the original, but with the health benefits of Rooibos. Caffeine Free. Certified Organic. $2.34
Rooibos Green A completely unfermented tea with a fresh green taste. Much higher in anti-oxidants and trace minerals than traditional Rooibos. Caffeine Free. Certified Organic. $1.42
Rooibos Red From the high mountains of South Africa, Rooibos (Red Bush) has a sweet, smooth taste that is unsurpassed. New research has shown that this tea has anti-allergenic, anti-oxidant, anti-spasmodic, and anti-viral properties that are around 50 times higher than that of green tea. Caffeine Free. Certified Organic. $2.26
~ White Teas ~
Mutan White Delightful! This white tea has an abundance of silvery white buds and green leaves. The flavor is subtle and must be carefully appreciated. It is an excellent choice for an introduction to rare white teas. $3.28
White Peony A sweet tasting white tea with hints of chocolate. Quite refreshing. It is produced from top young spring leaves and buds, and has a cooling nature. Refreshing hot or iced. $3.38
~ Green Teas ~
Bancha New! Bancha is a summer grown tea, so it is lively and grassy. It is as if someone had turned up the volume on a Sencha. $2.08
Bangkok Tasty! The rich flavors Thailand are the inspiration for rich blend. It is a combination of green tea, lemongrass, coconut, and ginger in a tribute to one of the world's great cuisines. $2.44
Blueberry Green NEW! A summery, blended Chinese green tea with layered flavors of lemongrass, blueberry, and vanilla. $2.44
Chun Mee A special grade of Chinese "Precious Eyebrow" green tea. It has a plum-like flavor and a smooth sweet aroma. Use only 1/2 tsp per 6oz of fresh water to brew. Certified Organic. 2.12
Genmaicha A different sort of Japanese tea that many find intriguing. While the green leaves are being dried, rice kernels are added. The kernels get crispy and some burst open. The tea has a unique appearance and a pleasant roasted flavor. $3.18
Green Tea A whole leaf, Chinese green tea. Known in China as Guo Lu, it is harvested from the first flush of spring buds in the Anhui Province. These delicate leaves yield a subtle mild flavor with a slightly fruity aftertaste. Certified Organic. $2.72
Gunpowder Green Tea A basic green tea from China's Anhui Province, Gunpowder is a good everyday green tea. The tea takes its name from the rolled leaf balls that are leaden in color. Like spent gunpowder, it has a slight smoky flavor. $2.06
Jasmine Green Tea Jasmine is the original flavored tea from China. A lightly oxidized tea is carefully mixed with fresh jasmine flowers to produce a delicate and fragrant brew. Certified Organic $2.16
Moroccan Mint Tea Refreshing! Gunpowder green tea combined with the marvelous, brisk flavor of peppermint. Certified Organic. $2.54
Organic Green Tea
with Citrus & Ginkgo
Our Best Selling Green! This refreshing blend delivers the benefits associated with green tea and ginkgo, along with the bright taste of natural citrus. Fresh and Focused. Certified Organic. $2.82
Osmanthus Green Tea The tiny wild Osmanthus flowers are sweet and fragrant. The combination of flowers and green tea tastes fresh, cool, and sweet. A very pleasant tea to drink. $1.78
Pu-erh Tea Organic
(wo dui)
Customer Favorite! A large leaf tea, Pu-Erh has been praised in China since the Tang dynasty for its medicinal properties such as managing cholesterol levels. All Pu-Erh teas have in common a certain 'elemental' earthy flavor. Its deep, red amber color and rich underlying hardiness is appealing. Does not develop harshness even if infused for hours. $2.06
Sencha - Decaf Now you can finally have green tea and reduce your caffeine intake! A chemical-free carbon dioxide method is used to remove most of the caffeine. Popular Chinese Sencha is the base to this fine tea. $2.64
Sencha - Organic Traditionally Japanese drink this tea every day. You may find it to be a very approachable green tea. An extremely, high quality, unoxidized green tea. $8.44
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