A bit about measurements…

So as you poke around the shops you’ll see things like “by the cup” or “by the ounce.” I can understand that this can lead to a bit of confusion at times. So to help out here are some of the standards that we have developed over the years at UsefulWeeds.

All of our herbal teas are always measured by a full, standard measuring cup.

I realize it’s a bit old-fashioned nowadays, but this has been a herbal tradition at UsefulWeeds for over 40 years. Most leaf blends average around 15-20 rounded teaspoons per cup, while root blends average around 10-15.

I recommend one rounded teaspoon per cup of hot water when making herbal tea, and this can be adjusted as desired. Roots can typically be re-brewed to fully realize the benefits locked into them.

All Black, Green, White, & Red teas are measured by the ounce.

Though these fine teas will have widely different volumes, generally speaking, two ounces of tea will make you a delicious cup every day for a month.

All of our herbs are sold by the ounce.

In order to help visualize what an ounce of a particular herb looks like, I have begun the process of photographing all of the herbs in the catalog in a ceramic bowl (like the one being held in the photo above) which is just slightly larger than a dry half measuring cup. If a certain herb is too bulky to fit a complete ounce into the bowl there will be a notation in the product page description.

I hope this information is helpful, and as always feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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