A word of thanks from Useful~Weeds Herbs & Teas

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To my fellow hard-working seekers, providers, parents, kind & gentle folk: thank you for taking a few precious moments out of your busy day to share your thoughts, challenges, wisdom, and encouragement with me over the last week.

Each and every one of you has touched my core and I am so glad to share this space with you!

Speaking of spaces, I miss the old shop as well…

While there are no plans for Useful~Weeds to have a physical storefront again, a day doesn’t go by when I don’t think of the many hours spent sharing great stories, rolling with laughter, shedding a few tears, and sipping a wonderful cup of tea with Chris and Kerry in those warm, compassionate walls. I learned so much during that time which I try to carry on and honor every day.

The old Useful~Weeds store in Manchester
The original Useful~Weeds store in Manchester

Part of honoring that tradition is to assure that Useful~Weeds remains true to its original mission: to bring quality, small-batched, handcrafted herbal medicines to those in need. This combined with a desire to educate folk in the ways of making their own healing preparations directs all that happens day to day at Useful~Weeds.

UsefulWeed's Workshop
The “new” herbal workshop ~ Where everything comes together

Looking forward as we move beyond the challenges that have been forced upon us due to the pandemic, I am excited once again to replant and to grow new ways of meeting our mission.

Right now we have four of the nine planned “Shops” up and running and new items are being added regularly. Of those four (“Herbs”, “Teas”, “Tinctures”, & “Provisions”), the tea shop is the most fully realized at this time and I am so excited that we just added our 55th tea!

In my mind, one of the best features of the new site is the secure shopping cart. This allows you to create and save your information in a personal account dashboard, where you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses, and edit your password and account details.

Also, I’ve added the new local pickup* and flat rate shipping options to help reduce some of the burdens of shipping costs in these times. Additionally, Useful~Weeds now offers free shipping for orders over $75.00. See your cart for more details. *for Connecticut residents only

Some things to look forward to in the upcoming months:

There were a ton of encouraging and useful comments that you gave me through the survey and I would love to talk about all of them, but for the moment I’ll try to keep this short and just mention a couple more projects in the making.

In order to meet our education mission, I have begun to post some short reviews on some of my favorite herbal and plant wisdom books in the section Book by the Bedside. Let me know if there is a book you would like to add to the review list.

You can also look forward to more online info regarding herbs and their uses as I launch a Materia section late this spring. I’m planning on adding 99 plants over the course of the next two years, and after that…?

Well, I’m sure a couple more ideas will have presented themselves by then!

Till next time,
Be Safe, Stay Well, Be Whole!

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