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My name is K J and I have been working with plant medicines for most of my adult life. My journey has led me to believe that most people are out of touch with the ways in which they can heal their body, mind, and spirit. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

You are in the right place if you are seeking another way. Here you can find natural remedies & plant based medicines that can help you be the best author of your health and well being.


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UsefulWeeds has its origins in the rolling hills of the Quiet Corner of Eastern Connecticut over 30 years ago.

I worked alongside two amazing women who were second and third generation herbalists and learned the art of herbal preparations from them. Today I try to honor their intentions and ethics in crafting our traditionally prepared products.

My path with alternative medicines began over 20 years ago when my daughter developed epilepsy shortly after a routine vaccination

While we quickly comprehended that this was unforeseeable and that  there was a constellation of factors that contributed to her condition, what we struggled with was the fact that  she was so incredibly sensitive to many of the typical western medications that she tried. The first four anti epileptics that she was prescribed caused her to have an allergic reaction...

Sometimes you just get shoved onto your path…

In a serendipitous meeting with a college friend, I was introduced to her family's world of herbalism.

Her mother and her were 2nd and 3rd generation herbalists respectively. They were able to shed some light on our struggles and indeed illuminated us on how toxic our typical lifestyles were.

That led to us "cleaning up our lives", by making huge changes in our diets, cleaning habits, and household.


The journey is far from over...

While we have made great strides in our lives and are blessed with a multitude of bounties, we are still ever humbled by what we continue to learn every day.

My daughter is now a school teacher and has learned to create balance in many aspects of her life in order to maintain a healthy path. It is not easy and it is far from perfect. But that’s ok. That's why we do what we do here in order to hopefully share a little, heal a little, and learn a little along the way. I hope you stay a while and enjoy that walk with us.

Thank you for stopping by the home of UsefulWeeds,
I hope you enjoy your time here.


About Us

We are a small family owned business that strives to provide a wonderful array of Teas, Tinctures, and Herbs to our few {but wildly devoted} family of customers.

Please be aware that we do not have a physical storefront, just our workshop, but we gladly ship any where within the USA.


Storrs, CT 06268





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Our Services

UsefulWeeds provides traditionally hand crafted herbal products utilizing ethically sourced and certified leafs, roots, barks, and berries.

We conceive and blend all of our products on site in small batches, many times exclusively for each order...

As such, you won't find bulk discounts or overnight shipping. Things just run a little slower around here, just the way Mother Nature likes.

You can find some of our best selling teas at The Willimantic Food Coop as well as
Fiddle Heads Natural Foods in New London, CT.