Added this week: 2020-11-08

So many changes in the world this week!

I’m so glad that in our quiet little corner we were able to have some simple pleasures to bring to the site.

One of my highlights was finding a new green tea to replace an old version that was no longer available to us. Guo Lu Organic Green Tea is just a simple as green tea gets on a crisp morning. This basic, USDA certified organic green tea is straightforward without anything extra. Just pure, good green tea taste.

Equally enjoyable for me was to be able to add one of my all time favorite teas beck into the catalog. Victorian London Fog Black Tea may just be the perfect afternoon tea to indulge in. A deeply aromatic tea that begins where Earl Grey leaves off and has the added sense of Vanilla and Lavender to fill the cup. Perfect with steamed milk and a swirl of sugar (if that’s your style) this tea pairs perfectly with a shortbread of scone. Wonderful!

Tea was the thing this week and it the additions kept coming! Another fun add was the Mango Black Tea. Bold tropical flavors, bits of dried mango fruit, in a base of China black tea is a worthy addition to anyone’s tea chest. Equally at home iced or hot.

Finally I was happy to add a charming floral scented tea into the shop. Rose Scented Black Tea is a medium bodied flavored black tea blended with pink rose petals. Light, floral, nice to look at this tea is a nice change of pace from your regular cup of tea.

I hope you enjoy our growing collection. Come back soon and see what’s been added next time.

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