Added this Week: 2020-12-04

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Hope you found plenty to be thankful for in the last couple of weeks! With the way the world has been throwing curve balls at us this last year, some days finding moments of gratitude can be a challenge for certain. Looking to find some of these moments to anchor our lives in an otherwise “unconventional” season, we took to assuring that some of our traditions, while somewhat modified and scaled down, continued on. Cooking the smallest turkey I have ever seen, baking the essential pumpkin pie, and putting the Christmas tree up early, was set against a backdrop of not a huge family gathering, but multiple open ended, newfangled Skype & old fashioned phone calls. In spite of this season of distance I have to say there was some satisfaction in the slower paced days that I am certain will make the return to a hectic routine next year that much more enjoyable. Or perhaps we have set a new bar on making the holidays much more about peace, joy, and home.

One of the biggest project of the last couple of weeks was to finish adding the remaining bulk herbs to our catalog bringing our new online herb catalog to 176 items! While typically I would list the new additions individually I have opted to a short highlighted list and a link to the catalog (only so many hours in the day as the saying goes!)

So my top 7 new entries (in no particular order, just some things I like)
1: Bay Leaf
2: English Lavender
3: Wild Cherry Bark
4: Lungwort
5: Usnea
6: Milk Thistle Seed
7: Calendula

I know that I should include a lengthy discussion on why each one of these have made my list, but for know that’s going to have to be saved for another place and time. What I can say is that these are the herbs that talk the most and recent to me in these times. Certainly as I look over them I realize there is a pattern here for energy, clearing , and lung health. Fitting for the time and season we are in.

Well, it’s time to get out to the shop to blend teas!
So, see you next time.
‘Till then, Be Safe, Stay Well, Be Whole!

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