A bit about measurements…

By KJ / February 19, 2021

So as you poke around the shops you’ll see things like “by the cup” or “by the ounce.” I can understand that this can lead to a bit of confusion at times. So to help out here are some of the standards that we have developed over the years at UsefulWeeds. All of our herbal…

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sunflower with clear glass vase on gray table

A word of thanks from Useful~Weeds Herbs & Teas

By KJ / March 7, 2021

To my fellow hard-working seekers, providers, parents, kind & gentle folk: thank you for taking a few precious moments out of your busy day to share your thoughts, challenges, wisdom, and encouragement with me over the last week. Each and every one of you has touched my core and I am so glad to share…

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red and blue led light

Useful~Weeds celebrates 55!

By KJ / March 5, 2021

Well, fifty-five teas that is! (We haven’t been around quite that long, yet!) This week marks a high-point in the rebuilding of our site as we reach 55 teas added to the catalog. Wow! A few short months ago the old Useful~Weeds site broke. Or, more accurately I should say, was broken. The last straw…

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lined up onion bulbs

Added this Week: 2021-02-20

By KJ / February 27, 2021

As I was prepping the updated images for this week’s post I came across this image of a beautiful rope of onions and laughed out loud. Why may you ask would I laugh out loud at a picture of onions? That is a good question and I am glad you asked. Listen very carefully, as…

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Winter snow in the early morning sun

Added this Week: 2021-02-12

By KJ / February 13, 2021

Well, once again I learned the hard lesson of ‘be mindful of what you wish for’! It was only a few scant days ago that I was wondering aloud if we were going to have a dry, warm winter only to have a cold blast followed by new snowfalls every three or four days. Even…

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