black and white border collie standing on brown tree trunk during daytime

Sometime it feels like running…

By KJ / February 6, 2021

When I looked at the calendar this morning, I’ll admit it felt like a bit of a shock. “The first Saturday in February? Wait, what?!?” In these times when the days seem to flow together in our “new” normalcy of isolation, house bound routines, and quietness I can understand the loss of a day or…

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silhouette photography of buildings

Welcome to the block!

By KJ / January 16, 2021

Added this Week: 2021-01-16 A New Year! I truly hope this blog finds you in good health and good spirits and that the world is just a bit brighter for you than it has been in the last few months. For us here it’s time to settle into our winter routine of hibernation, snow shoveling,…

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Pumpkin pie on the farmtable

Added this Week: 2020-12-04

By KJ / December 4, 2020

Hope you found plenty to be thankful for in the last couple of weeks! With the way the world has been throwing curve balls at us this last year, some days finding moments of gratitude can be a challenge for certain. Looking to find some of these moments to anchor our lives in an otherwise…

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six leafy vegetables

Added this week: 2020-11-22

By KJ / November 23, 2020

Another week has flown by! As I look at the pile of notes on the ” *To-Do ” clipboard I find myself a little overwhelmed at all the little things that I feel that haven’t been done. But as I look around the workshop, yard, house, and website, I realize we got a lot done…

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A Smile Can Change Someones Day text

Added this week: 2020-11-08

By KJ / November 8, 2020

So many changes in the world this week! I’m so glad that in our quiet little corner we were able to have some simple pleasures to bring to the site. One of my highlights was finding a new green tea to replace an old version that was no longer available to us. Guo Lu Organic…

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