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Need to change to a shipping option?

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Need to change to a shipping option or want to pay for your order to be split and shipped to another person?

Here’s the item you need to drop into your cart.


If upgrading from ‘Local pickup’ please add your original Order Number in the ‘Additional Information > Order notes’  section on the Checkout page.

If choosing Split&Ship please add Name, Address, & Contact info as well as items being placed in second box in the ‘Additional Information >Order notes’ section.


This option is to be used for one conversion per order (From Local to Ship)  or  one split per order.

Standard taxes and charges apply.

Items shipped as units sold on site (i.e. by the ounce, by the cup, 2 fluid ounces) These units cannot be split.

*Local pickup only applicable for residents of Eastern Connecticut.

Please contact us at for any questions.