Therapy Doll – Joseph


A 20 inch Therapy Doll for use in therapy plans and demonstrations.


Joseph is a hand-crafted therapy doll constructed of durable fabric featuring machine-stitched seams, fully jointed, moveable limbs for practice and demonstration*, and a sculpted body design making these dolls perfect for use in your therapy plans and demonstrations.


Design details:

Since these dolls are hand-crafted each one will have its own unique personality and may vary slightly in appearance.

Clothing will be similar to but not exactly as shown.

* Please note that these dolls are designed for therapy usage only and are not considered child safe due to small parts used in the construction to allow for the rotation mobility of the arms and legs.

** Please contact Henry’s Daughter Quilting PRIOR to submitting the order if you have any questions about the dolls or have specific customization needs. E-mail to . Please include “Therapy Doll” in the subject line.

Purchasing and Shipping Details:

We no longer utilize PayPal, therefore you will be taken to the shopping cart at UsefulWeeds Herb & Tea Shop (my husband’s web store) where you can finalize your purchase by paying securely using your credit card. Sales are powered by Square.

Please check on the “Free Shipping” option only – There is NO LOCAL PICKUP for these dolls and any other option will charge you for shipping.

Please allow six to eight weeks for your order to arrive after order confirmation.

Shipped within Continental US only. 



Additional information

Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 6 in


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