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- Iroh

Anti Inflammatory Herbal Tea - Loose - IMG_3191

Anti Inflammatory Tea


Sold by the cup.

To help ease the effects of inflammation and swelling.

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Apricot black tea -loose -IMG_3308

Apricot Black Tea


Sold by the ounce

The natural flavor of apricot creates a special tea.

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Assam decaf tea - black - loose -IMG_3309

Assam Decaf Tea


Sold by the ounce.

Malty and dense, a bold choice for decaf lovers.

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Assam organic tea - black - loose -IMG_3310

Assam Organic Tea


Sold by the ounce.

A rich, medium bodied organic tea with a sweet honey flavor.

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Assam spice chai - black -loose - IMG_3311

Assam Spice Chai – Black Tea


Sold by the ounce.

A mixture of strong spices makes this a delicious chai tea.

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Auntie Zea Mae Herbal Tea - Loose - IMG_3238

Auntie Zea Mae Tea


Sold by the cup.

To help soothe bladder and urinary tract.

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Balancing Brew Herbal Tea - Loose - IMG_3192

Balancing Brew Tea


Sold by the cup.

To help bring the glandular system into harmony.

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Clean Sweep Herbal Tea - Loose - IMG_3195

Clean Sweep Tea


Sold by the cup.

A very gentle body cleansing tea.

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Cranberry autumn black tea loose - IMG_3313

Cranberry Autumn Black Tea


Sold by the ounce.

Cranberry and orange flavors make this a playful cup of tea.


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Earl Grey supreme black tea - loose - IMG_3318

Earl Grey Supreme Black Tea


Sold by the ounce.

If Bergamot is your craving, this is the tea blend for you.

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Elder Sage Herbal Tea - Loose - IMG_3196

Elder Sage Tea


Sold by the cup.

A simple blend to help fortify and clarify the mind.

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Enhancement Herbal Tea - Loose - IMG_3227



Sold by the cup.

A traditional blend used to boost the immune system.

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Just in!

Welcome HillSide Honey to the UsefulWeeds Family.

A perfect pairing with our teas

Hillside Honey

By KJ | February 23, 2021
Hillside Honey_Jar_8oz_IMG_3187

8 ounces

A limited quantity, hand-filtered honey pack in a glass jar

As you have noticed the teas listed at UsefulWeeds are either sold by the cup or by the ounce. It has been a long-standing tradition at UsefulWeeds that all of our hand blended herbal teas are portioned out by a rounded measuring cup v. the red, white, and green teas, which are weighed out by the ounce. Typically, a measured cup of herbal tea blend is enough to prepare 15-20 brewed cups of tea depending on your personal brewing taste and needs. It may be helpful to know that our images of herbs and teas in the white ceramic bowls are a one-ounce measurement unless otherwise noted in the details.

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