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Need to get your order shipped ASAP?

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Need to get your order shipped ASAP?

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This option is for United States Postal Service Domestic Priority Express ONLY. 

No overnight options are available.

Please DO NOT select Local Pickup – This is a shipping option only.

This is an additional shipping charge to prioritize your order in the shipping queue.

Useful~Weeds cannot guarantee delivery times and cannot be held responsible for any shipping issues once the package is accepted by USPS.

Expedited orders are shipped the next day (excluding Sundays) after order payment confirmation.

Please see the USPS site to find the latest information regarding delivery delays within the US Postal Service.

Standard taxes and charges apply.

Items are shipped as units sold on-site (i.e. by the ounce, by the cup, 2 fluid ounces) These units cannot be split.

Please contact us at for any questions.