six leafy vegetables

Added this week: 2020-11-22

By KJ / November 23, 2020

Another week has flown by! As I look at the pile of notes on the ” *To-Do ” clipboard I find myself a little overwhelmed at all the little things that I feel that haven’t been done. But as I look around the workshop, yard, house, and website, I realize we got a lot done…

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A Smile Can Change Someones Day text

Added this week: 2020-11-08

By KJ / November 8, 2020

So many changes in the world this week! I’m so glad that in our quiet little corner we were able to have some simple pleasures to bring to the site. One of my highlights was finding a new green tea to replace an old version that was no longer available to us. Guo Lu Organic…

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Stephen Harrod Buhner – Author

By KJ / November 5, 2020

Work related to COVID-19 Most of all though, I have spent the last half century doing my best to learn how to be a human being, the hardest thing of all, I have realized, to learn. “I am and always have been interested in the invisibles of life, those meanings and communications that touch us…

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step…

By KJ / October 11, 2020

No one mentioned that the ‘journey’ wasn’t exactly going to be on a straight path, did they? What a year it has been and for its worth, I am glad we are moving forward together (more or less!) through these times. When I began the process of modernizing this site I knew there were going…

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Book by the bedside: Review of “The Modern Herbal Dispensatory” by Thomas Easley & Steven Horne

By KJ / August 9, 2020

This is an in-depth book covering all the various aspects of herbalism for medicinal purposes: from harvesting herbs, obtaining them from reputable vendors, to the various processes used to extract the medicines you want. It covers a variety of herbal extraction methods from basic tinctures and macerations to soxhlet and percolation extractions and flower essences.…

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The world’s longest-living people share this hobby—why studies say it can help add years to your life

By KJ / August 7, 2020

By Minda Zetlin for CNBC Make It Well look at that! Now here’s an article that proves what we already know! [So as soon as you read this article and finish your tea 😉 go outside and play in the dirt!] See you in the Garden!

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